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Harbor Liveaboard Policies

There is a moratorium on liveaboards at the present time

Effect on other contracts or policies: Any provision of this policy that is in conflict with the ACND Boat Slip Lease Agreement is considered to be subordinate to said Lease Agreement. In addition, all provisions of the Boat Slip Lease Agreement remain in full effect at all times.

Liveaboard Rules

No more than two (2) vehicles may be parked on harbor premises for each liveaboard. There is no reserved parking, however, vehicles should not be parked in front of other boat slips when the leaseholder needs access to his/her boat slip.

No pets are allowed.

No vehicle maintenance is permitted to take place on harbor premises.

All docks, piers, and sidewalks must be kept clear of any obstructions at all times.

Laundry of any type or any item of personal nature shall not be hung out to dry out or air in public view of docks, piers, or aboard any vessel, lifeline, or rigging in any ACND Harbor.

All trash and garbage generated by liveaboard shall be taken to an ACND dumpster and disposed of properly. The ACND maintenance crew will not be responsible for hauling off trash or garbage from liveaboard clients.

Direct discharge of human waste is strictly prohibited unless such waste has been properly treated with an EPA-approved Type 1 Marine Sanitation Device (MSD).

Vessels equipped with a holding tank may only dispose of waste at a pumpout station, such as the one located at the harbor City Dock.

Noise complaints may result in the revocation of liveaboard privileges. Sound travels exceptionally well over water, your taste in music may not be the same as your neighbor’s.

In addition to the rules outlined above, the Superintendent/Harbor Master may impose other requirements that, at his discretion, are necessary to protect the public health, safety, well being, or to protect the resources of the District or to promote the best interest of the District.

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