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Captain Tommy Moore

Precinct At-Large

Captain Tommy Moore
Serving since
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Born and raised in Houston, Capt. Moore is a sixth-generation Texan who was introduced to coastal Texas at a very early age, giving him an appreciation for wildlife and nature.

In 2003, he left corporate Houston behind, purchased the Skimmer, a shallow-water tour boat, and became an ecotourism entrepreneur. He founded Rockport Adventures, which has allowed him to share the natural beauty of the Aransas County bay system with thousands of visitors from all over the world through guided boat tours, particularly when the endangered whooping cranes are at their winter home in the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge.

Over the years he has expanded his business to provide other tourism amenities such as a coffee and refreshment shop, kayak and paddleboard rentals, and golf cart sales and rentals. In 2012 he established Rockport Adventure Camp, a day camp that teaches grade schoolers how to safely enjoy the South Texas coastal waters.

As the at-large commissioner and chairman from 2011-2014, he has been central to many ACND improvements and important financial decisions.

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