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Aransas County Navigation District Hosts Environmental Forum,
Asks for Community’s Help to Save Little Bay

June 3, 2022
For Immediate Release

Rockport, TX – The Aransas County Navigation District (ACND) hosted an Environmental Forum last night to share information about the ongoing pollution to Little Bay caused by existing and proposed drainage projects in the City of Rockport and ask the community for help with conservation efforts. 

The Saltwater Pavilion was abuzz with over 100 attendees when ACND Commissioners and staff gave a compelling presentation about the importance of sustainable drainage as Rockport continues to grow and remain a destination spot for travelers from all over Texas. The City of Rockport plans to add another drainage pipe that will discharge additional treated wastewater and stormwater runoff into Little Bay. This will compound the pollution that the small 350-acre bay already sees and continue to degrade the water quality, kill fish, and make it unsafe for swimmers.

The ACND also shared a short-term solution of rerouting the planned drainage outlet to the 152,628-acre Aransas Bay system. The ACND has secured $1.4M through the Texas General Land Office and Clean Coast Texas to fully fund the design to reroute the drainage pipe. This is just one immediate solution to help save Little Bay and additional funds would be needed for construction. 

Other long-term solutions include working with local jurisdictions in developing and enforcing local water quality regulations and standards and designating Rockport as an MS4 with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). If Rockport is designated as an MS4, the City would be required to enhance their drainage practices for stormwater runoff that would improve the quality of the water being discharged into local bay systems. You can visit the ACND offices at 911 Navigation Circle, Rockport, TX 78382 to learn more and sign the petition.

Chairman Malcom Dieckow, ACND Commissioner said, “We all have a commitment to Clean Coast Texas. There is no issue that we can’t sit down at a table in good faith (and solve) so that you, the citizens of Aransas County are served.”


We exist to conserve and develop natural resources, including the navigation of its inland and coastal waterways, the surface and submerged land deeded to it by letters of patent and acts of the Texas Legislature and all other land and water resources acquired for the benefit of the citizens of Aransas County. 

In less complicated terms, ACND is responsible to maintain and improve public waterways and public waterfront facilities, such as harbors, boat ramps, fishing piers and the Rockport Beach.  




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